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Ongoing business warrants ongoing communication and interaction with your customers, suppliers and business partners. Companies continue to make piecemeal investments and add new IT infrastructure and Enterprise software.

In the past systems focused on generating business intelligence, information and critical events for internal consumption and enterprise management. But this has changed, today's Enterprise solutions and CRM applications cater to Business on Demand.

The need to effectively capture and service demands from clients and business partners has never been greater. This can get challenging, if you consider that if you can move so can your customers and partners. Mobility on demand is the key; it offers device independence and the luxury of transacting business on the move.

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The great business process re-engineering trend of the 1990s saw a drive to rationalize the way organizations operated, focusing on processes that streamlined the core business and broke down barriers between departments & functions.

Middleware & Enterprise Integration grew on the back of this providing a way of stitching different systems to support a centralized business process

Emerging technologies are now driving the third reign