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In a bid to right size, companies are constantly merging, consolidating, and divesting their interest without any signs of relief.

Corporate watchdogs and strategists often differ on the best business strategy so then; can we say that focusing on the core competencies is the best approach

While work is ever expanding and competition is relentless, there are always less hands and more work to do. To overcome the constrains of finite time and limited resources to complete a given activity it is better to focus on things that you do best and eliminate effort on things that can be done easily by others with relevant skills.

With increasing pressure on availability of skilled staff, challenging issues like technology obsolence and frozen budgets, the trend of “ business processing outsourcing ,” (BPO) i.e., “end-to-end outsourcing of a business line or process in its entirety” and “offshoring” ,” i.e., “effectively outsourcing activities beyond national borders”, has gained momentum. Concentrated global efficiencies have led to this new phenomenon and Company Directors and Management are considering the transition.

Any activity that is not a core function or deviates from corporate business interest or has no significant value in terms of ROI must be examined with the intent of outsourcing it to external agencies. This will leave the best hands to focus on increasing corporate value

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Facilities management (FM) is the best example of successful outsourcing. Businesses increasingly see value in 'handing over' to specialists the task of running office services for them.

FM companies manage a range of services for their clients - from heating and electrical safety to energy management, from fire protection and security to landscaping and from reception and cleaning to pest control.

Outsourcing of IT, HR, Finance and other back end functions is common. Large contracts are entered into each year, often involving the outsourcing of whole division, primarily based on cost and availability of skilled resources.